Steamboat Emergency Center elevates its brand across the peaks of Steamboat Ski Resort

Alpine Media Technology gondola displays
Digital displays installed on Steamboat Ski Resort gondola

Denver, CO. With the growing number of skiers and riders across Colorado resorts, specifically destination skiers, how does a local medical center make their services known? Steamboat Emergency Center, a concierge-level medical service staffed by top quality doctors, found a solution. 

Ski Resort Advertising

“Alpine Media Technology’s advertising platform was exactly what we were looking for at Steamboat Emergency Center,” said Kristen Lillie, Director of Marketing for Steamboat Emergency Center. “We wanted a way to get in front of the skiers and riders to advertise the services that we offer and we love that we can now utilize video.  This medium is perfect for the ride up the gondola; it is additionally appealing as research continues to prove that the brain processes video faster than text.”  

Digital Messaging for Ski Resort Guests

Alpine Media is a new, innovative tech company that’s delivering both informative content and targeted ads across ski resorts big and small via the All Mountain Platform also known as AMP. When AMT founders discovered that resort operators were seeking a better system to communicate with their guests, they expanded on their original Lift Digital product. They now offer displays and this exclusive content across the entire resort, including the mobile app, and even on the TV default channel in the hotel rooms.

“We believed it was finally time to build a solution for the long term, utilizing the technology available to us,” said CEO Freddie Peyerl. “With the high costs associated with this recreation, coupled with the fact that guests spend the majority of their time in lodges, lift lines, and on the lifts themselves, we wanted to deliver helpful information in a digital, timely, and accessible fashion.”

Engaging ski resort guests

As you can imagine, this technology platform is not cheap so devising an ad supported model seemed not only a logical next step but an effective advertising approach as well for brands looking to reach this captive and active audience.

“By engaging the resort guests with relevant and real time information we took a subtle yet effective approach of offering video ad space for our ad partners,” said AMT’s DOS Nick Haggard. “So many digital signage companies are just pumping out “filler” content and full screen ads. We are proud of how we’ve integrated our ads with the resort information in terms of share of screen and no audio. For Steamboat Emergency we’ve included them as the Trail Map sponsor, one of our key sources of information,” explained Haggard. 

“The content in video ads draws the viewer in and is more impactful with higher engagement than a traditional static image ad,” continued Lillie. “The video ads through Alpine Media Technology allow us to tell a story and convey a more well-rounded vision of our business.”

The All Mountain Platform

Resort guests can now reference a relevant and helpful medical provider if and when they have an emergency during their visit. From the Gondola screens, welcome center, rental shops and across the Lodges, AMT’s 8 minute informative loop aims to guide and help guests maximize their time on the mountain. Even the Steamboat Grand Hotel wanted in on the action as the days of printing grooming reports and sliding them under the door to guests have become an antiquated practice. “We found the information to be extremely relevant for our hotel guests and the supporting advertisers have been well received,” said the former Steamboat Grand Marketer, Joseph Sergio. 

“As the destination skier/rider population continues to grow and spread we want to provide them with a reliable and comprehensive messaging platform they can expect to see wherever they are skiing,” said Peyerl. “We are looking forward to creating a platform that can become the guest messaging standard for resorts now and far into the future.  Ongoing collaboration with both resort operators and viewers will help us achieve that.”

Look for Alpine Media’s marque product, LiftDigital, to be installed on the new Gondola going in at the Steamboat Resort for this coming season. And be sure to check out the 650 screens going on the Super Gauge Express at Winter Park Resort. For more information on premium video advertising contact Nick Haggard at or 404-310-8296

Alpine Media Technology created the All Mountain Platform (AMP), the premium guest communication system for resorts world-wide. With a centralized, web-based Command Center, resort operators can deliver real-time, relevant content via digital screens across the entire resort. From the lodges, chairlifts and gondolas, as well as via mobile app, resort guests have access to the information they need to maximize their mountain experience. Advertisers have a platform to reach an affluent and active audience.  

Steamboat Emergency Center provides concierge-level service in a state-of-the-art facility staffed by top quality, caring doctors, nurses, and support staff. The Steamboat Emergency Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They offer shorter wait times than traditional hospital emergency rooms and provides a comprehensive, full range of medical services.