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Pats Peak is a 120 acre ski area in New Hampshire. In mid 2020, Pats Peak had accepted the realization that challenges along with state & federal regulations caused by COVID-19 were going to affect the cadence and type of communication they needed to have with their guests. In response, they implemented an initiative to establish regular, reliable, and timely messaging with guests.

Pats Peak did not have a current system in place to help fulfill this need in a practical and convenient manner, and had concerns that utilizing existing methods of communication would just get lost in the mountain of information pushed at their guests each day. These methods included emails, social media, and physical mail

The management team at Pats Peak had concerns over adopting a technology resource as the answer to their need. Management and staff of ski resorts are guest service oriented by nature & training, and not necessarily tech gurus. Implementing new technology into their business process can be a concern by the individuals that will ultimately have to use such resources on a daily basis.

Ultimately, however, this “guest first” mentality inspired Pats Peak to embrace technology and search for the perfect solution that would allow real-time information relay between resort and guest. In addition, it would be a resource center for guests to quickly and easily access resort-specific information, amenities, and more.


Pats Peak began looking into potential solutions, and after researching several technology offerings they chose Alpine Media, a digital communication platform created specifically for the ski industry. Alpine Media’s All Mountain Platform offers a number of useful features, in particular their alert messaging and guest messaging capabilities which are done through their mobile app.

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