Alpine Media Platform offers ski resort partners dynamic pricing for food & beverage and ski tickets.
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Alpine Media Platform offers ski resort partners dynamic pricing for food & beverage and ski tickets.

The 2020/2021 season is sure to be like no other; as they say “the times they are a-changin”.  In a time of so much uncertainty, one thing is for certain: one of the best ways to increase revenue for your resort is with dynamic pricing. 

Dynamic pricing the practice of varying the price for a product or service to reflect changing market conditions, in particular the charging of a higher price at a time of greater demand.

From ticketing and rentals to food and beverage, the ability to adjust prices on the fly is critical to improve margins for your resort.  While most resorts have the ability to quickly and easily change pricing in their Point of Sale (POS) system, updating the customer facing pricing and menu boards has historically been a challenge. 

The Alpine Media Platform allows your staff to effectively and efficiently update pricing across your resort. With its easy to use command center, department staff can update pricing as often as they desire across as many items/SKUs as they desire. See our video tutorial below for an up close look of the easy to use, web based command center. 

The Alpine Media Platform command center: Update pricing for tickets and Food & Beverage.

As you continue to manage the supply and demand side of your business, dynamic ticket pricing will allow your team to optimize margins throughout the day and week. From off peak hours to heavy trafficked holiday weekends, adjust prices as need be. 

Once changes are made via the command center, pricing boards are updated immediately.  No more having to manually update each screen individually; just click ‘Save’.  From food and beverage boards at your dining facilities, to displays located across ticket windows and ski school centers, your guests will be clear on all pricing options. 

“As the demand continues to increase for “Grab & Go” food, communicating up to date menu items and real time pricing will be key for our ski resort partners and those resorts looking to bolster their guest communication,” explained Alpine Media CEO, Freddie Peyerl. “Dynamic pricing will also allow them to maximize their margins and better manage inventory.”

With the Alpine Media Platform, you determine the content features you want and where you wish to display. For example, our partner Wachusett Mountain finds great value in ticket pricing as they roll over from full-day to night skiing periods. This year they’ll be adding menu boards to update all food and beverage pricing best suited to the current demand they are experiencing at their resort.  

Here is just a short list of display points our current resort partners are utilizing: 

  1. Mobile App: We customize your app with a specific pricing page
  2. Digital Signage (indoor and outdoor): Dining areas, rental shops, hotel reception desk, welcome centers, gondola stations, ticketing, ski school, and more.
  3. In-room: For your lodging facilities we can connect via the cable provider to be the home channel for your guests. 
  4. Chairlifts and gondola cabins: yes, we even offer displays across our Lift Digital product, the world's first and only display system for chairlifts and gondolas. Currently running at Winter Park Resort and Crystal Mountain. 
    *Ask about our Samsung TV wholesale pricing. 

Check out our video tutorial HERE on Vimeo for an in depth look at the command center.

Let’s discuss your needs for the coming season. There is still time to address your needs for the 20/21 season and bolster your guest communication.

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