Tackling Ski Area Parking Challenges: Alpine Media's Innovative Solutions

Tackling Ski Area Parking Challenges: Alpine Media's Innovative Solutions

Parking at ski resorts has long been a challenge for both operators and guests. The surge in popularity of winter sports, coupled with limited parking spaces, often results in traffic congestion and frustration among visitors. However, innovative solutions are emerging to address these issues, with Alpine Media leading the charge.


The Growing Parking Problem at Ski Resorts

Several ski resorts are grappling with parking challenges. For instance, Vail Resorts plans to address parking and traffic problems at Lake Tahoe ski areas by introducing a mix of paid and free parking options, along with incentives for carpooling and a focus on reservations[1]. Similarly, Copper Mountain Resort is considering charging for parking at its Alpine Lot, which houses approximately 1,700 spots, to incentivize carpooling and alternate modes of transportation[2]. Arapahoe Basin Ski Area has also announced changes to its parking system, introducing a $20 fee for cars with fewer than three people in the Early Riser parking lot[3].

While these measures may help manage the parking situation, they could also lead to additional costs for guests and potential pushback from the community. This is where Alpine Media's solutions come into play.


Alpine Media: Enhancing the Guest Experience

Alpine Media is providing tools for resorts to quickly and easily help guests understand the current parking situation at the resort. The staff mobile app and admin portal allow resort operators to update the status of a parking lot with just a couple of taps or clicks. Guests can then see this status update immediately in the resort mobile app.

Resorts have the option of reporting the relative capacity (available, near capacity, and full) or absolute capacity, which gives them the opportunity to report the precise number of spots available in a particular lot. This is ideal if the lot is actively managed or utilizes some form of gate system to control access.

In addition to the capacity reporting, Alpine Media offers a powerful shuttle tracking feature that allows guests to see the location, and capacity, of a shuttle in real-time. Coupling the parking capacity with shuttle tracking and capacity can help guests gain a better understanding of the current situation and help inform their decision making.

For example, knowing that a parking lot close to the base area is full but that there are several shuttles with ample capacity transporting guests from lots further away can save guests time from hunting in the nearby lot and makes for a better overall guest experience.



As ski resorts continue to grapple with parking challenges, innovative solutions like those offered by Alpine Media are becoming increasingly important. By providing real-time information on parking and shuttle capacity, these tools can help improve the guest experience, reduce congestion, and make ski resorts more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Alpine Media Platform and why would I need this at my resort/park?
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The Alpine Media Platform is a simple to use yet comprehensive guest engagement (and staff communication) platform that helps ski resorts, theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, museums, aquariums, and other attractions build, launch, simplify, measure, and maximize their guest engagement strategy.

The Alpine Media Platform is a leading resort software and app solution with a range of tools, including event planning, real-time operations reporting (e.g. lift & trail status or attraction status), base area maps with POI details, F&B menus, live vehicle/shuttle tracking, emergency alerts, notifications, and much more. The Alpine Media Platform consists of a custom mobile app specific to your resort (Android and iOS), digital signage (ranging from a 10in ticket window display to an LED 'jumbotron' of any size) and an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system (CMS) to control all your content.

We already have a mobile-responsive website, why would I need this?
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Mobile responsive websites are awesome and every organization should start there, but what happens when you need to get an urgent message out to all of your on-site guests? Is all the content on your website accessible when guests do not have an active internet connect? Do you have full control over the content on your website or do you have to rely on your web developer?

Moreover, we all know that every guest is different and how they decide to interact with your organization/brand varies widely. The Alpine Media Platform automatically 'pulls in' existing information about your resort and distributes it to additional channels (digital signage, mobile app, and text [coming soon]) for guests to consume wherever and whenever they want. In addition, our APIs make is simple for your team to 'pull' information from the Alpine Media Command Center CMS and show it on your website. You decide if you want to manage content through your website or through the Alpine Media CMS.

Synchronizing all of your resort information across the various channels should not require duplicate entry; it shouldn't require someone running all over the place updating USB thumb drives; and it definitely shouldn't require waiting in the IT queue for content change requests.

How long will it take you to get my resort set up?
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We make every effort to get your resort activated within 2 weeks.  Most of the time, we'll have your digital signage solution up and running within 72 hours from receiving all the necessary resort information including contact information, design guidelines, logo, existing data feeds, and admin users.  As soon as we activate your resort, you will have the ability to add and control all of your content and more.  From there, it's up to you how quickly you want to roll it out to various locations. In fact, many of your resort partners start with general information displays across their resort and then continue to customize and add additional locations (e.g. F&B menus, ticket pricing & availability, in-room media for on-site lodging locations).

How much does the platform cost?
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We offer four different plans, Green (digital signage only), Blue (digital signage + custom mobile app), Black (digital signage + custom mobile app + shuttle tracking and point of sale integration), and Double-Black (full customization of the platform). Plans start as low as $500/mo depending on the scope. The best part about the pricing of our software solutions is that there are no limits on the number of users and virtually all of the new features we develop are added to your plan at no additional cost. We hate getting "nickel and dimed" and we promise not to do it to you.

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