Why you should be advertising your brand to the ski resort audience
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Why you should be advertising your brand to the ski resort audience

While we understand that budgets are tight these days coupled with the fact that there are many options available in the DOOH space, our team is excited to share the benefits of advertising your brand with Alpine Media, the leading Digital OOH platform for Resort Media.

Budget flexibility

"Long-term media deals are becoming ever-rarer as advertisers face continued economic and operational uncertainty; they need increasing flexibility to quickly pull back or shut off their advertising. Forbes

Despite limited availability both in terms of available ad slots and seasonal periods, Winter and Summer only, brands can buy on a month to month basis with partial and full season buys available as well. Given the current Covid climate payments can be made to accommodate your quarterly budgets. While most inventory is sold ahead of the season, a few spots remain during in season for those brands that want to test the new and exclusive platform. 

As buyers, while it's great to have your tentative plans and commitments, now more than ever before, you should never be committed to spends more than a month out unless you are locking up a one of a kind billboard placement or planning to sponsor the Masters PGA event. As a media buyer myself, this is the leverage and control you should always maintain for your brand or client’s brand. Talon and Publicis, like many other agencies, appreciate this value hence why they continue to present their clients this unique opportunity from year to year. 

Agility & Customization

                                                                 "Agility will be one of the most important pages in a marketer’s playbook in 2021." MTC Insights for Marketers

Alpine Media now has programmatic capabilities through the Vistar Media platform. Within minutes, you can upload your video ad 300 X 250, select your DMAs, set your budget and transport your urban based brand to the peaks of Colorado reaching thousands of skiers and snowboarders as they enjoy a positive outdoor recreational experience with family and friends. 

When Blue Apron entered their desirable DOOH buying criteria, Alpine Media was an ideal fit, reminding skiers they can order healthy, performance based meals throughout the week as they manage busy schedules between work and the winter recreation they love. 

With direct buys, the Alpine Media team can have your video ad up and running the same day as well. You can run multiple ads for your campaign and schedule per desired days or even day parts themselves. Alpine Media can even help customize your ads to better align with content sections and current events.

Desirable demographic

Despite conventional wisdom, the skier audience is not narrow nor elitist. While they do have high buying power and are well educated, the majority of skiers are everyday consumers comprised of families, couples and singles. Male and Female. Commuters from the major DMAs driving up for a single day or for the weekend. But yes, there is a select visitor segment you can reach as well, typically on holiday weekends which is usually one weekend per month. 

We’ve discovered that most of our ad partners desire this audience mix as they hit both a more concentrated local audience while simultaneously introducing their brand to a regional and or possibly new segment of their target audience. Ad partners such as our University and College advertisers Colorado Mountain College, CSU Global and The University of Denver- University College are able to attract local college students and as regional and out of state students who may be considering transferring especially now given the distance learning opportunities for college education. 

Optimal SOV & Frequency

With the Alpine Media Platform you are not buying one screen or one day part. Your ad runs every loop across every screen throughout the day. You are not 1 of 30 in rotation with a hodge podge of random brands and ads. No, you are in an exclusive line up with 10-12 like minded, quality brands and services all trying to reach this highly desirable audience. With this limited line up and efficiency across share of voice and frequency, we help prevent budget waste. In contrast, the local commuter who sees your one billboard ad placement 20 business days per month is perhaps in excess whereas the tourist passing through will only see it once. With Alpine Media your ad is hitting optimal frequency levels of around 3-7 times per day. 

When Publicis Media learned of this type of efficiency they were excited to present their Denver based client Health One, a major health care facility. The Alpine Media network helps them reach Denver based families as 80% of Winter Park caters to Front Range residents. 

Reach and Penetration

As touched on above, your video ad is not only circulated across various resort locations but across various screen types as well. From lodges to lift lines, the various screen placements ensure you reach the various segments of the resort and skier audience. While some skiers cover the majority of the mountain and resort, others may only ski on a select part of the mountain and utilize those adjacent lodges and services based on either convenience or type of skier. With both outdoor and indoor screens you can be assured your brand video will be seen by all segments as we follow the customer journey across the mountain.  A typical skier/rider rides the chairlift, visits the lodges, waits in lift lines, and then returns back to their hotel. We have displays in all of these locations.

The Colorado Beef Council was so pleased with their 2020 campaign they renewed again for 2021 with the mission to promote nutritional, protein packed lean beef for refueling skiers and riders leveraging the fact that beef menu items are available across all resort dining locations. 

Catching wind of this unique platform, CPAC soon inquired about advertising opportunities as well. They now too are in their second season serving up their potato campaign on Alpine Media’s Lift Digital Chairlift screens, promoting performance based nutrition for winter athletes. 

Viewer engagement

Alpine Media is not your standard ad network, pumping through ad after ad across a singular or multiple ad carousels. Nor is your ad in rotation with filler content and news as seen with elevator ads on the Captivate network or on gas pumps as seen with the GSTV network

The Alpine Media Network delivers valuable information to the ski resort guest to help them make the most of their day. This information is updated in real-time and is relevant and specific to the resort happenings. During this 8 minute loop with rotating 30 second content chunks, brand video ads are embedded and played throughout the loop, one at a time. Studies show that this type of ad integration can yield higher recall levels from the viewer or in your case, the consumer prospect. Top Golf does this well too as ads are embedded within your player stats and scores. 

Layering strategy

                                        DOOH drives engagement and makes it 46% more likely for consumers to engage with a brand on mobile  (Xaxis, 2019)

We don’t expect you to make Alpine Media the cornerstone of your advertising strategy. We realize there are many great options including streaming services, CTV and social. We do know that layering works though and Alpine Media is one of the leading DOOH options given the exodus that has occurred across urban areas; office buildings, transit and stadiums.

Ideal test environment

There’s a logical strategy that says you should always be testing new mediums. Whether its 10% of your total spend, a limited term or both, you’ll never know if you’re missing out on the next ACE of plan if you’re not testing. With the budget, term and market flexibility we mentioned above, you can apply a reasonable spend over a select geo targeted area and know within a couple weeks how well your spend is performing. 

AAA Colorado explained it like this. “With safety and security being top of mind for our community, we decided to partner with Alpine Media because it puts us in front of a different audience using new methodologies, technologies, and demographics to expand AAA Colorado products & services within Colorado,” said Tosha Shepard-Washington, Senior Manager of Marketing, for AAA Colorado.

LiftDigital at Winter Park Resort delivers real time, informative content with embedded, relevant video ads.

Place: the Perfect setting

                                                            "Advertising impact can increase by up to 40% when consumers are in a positive mood." Digital Media Research

While I can’t tell you how excited the average business commuter is, I can assure you the typical skier enjoying an outdoor recreational experience with friends and family at a pristine mountain resort is more likely going to be in a positive mood. And while a positive attitude doesn’t guarantee a responsive viewer or eventual buyer, delivering your brand message amid a cheerful, positive experience is good for your brand leading to a positive association versus a potential negative.

Tincup Whiskey saw a great opportunity to utilize Alpine Media's ski resort reach to position their whiskey as the premiere option in Colorado.  As a Colorado based business, Tincup Whiskey, promoted their brand at both Winter Park and Steamboat.  Skiing and riding is a sport where drinking post activity is the norm and Tincup Whiskey used this reach to not only elevate their brand but drive additional sales revenue on mountain.

Price: Competitive CPMs

With limited inventory, seasonal offerings and premium video, you would think advertising to this ski resort audience would be on the high end of DOOH pricing. However, with the aim to be competitive across the DOOH space, Alpine Media offers sub $15 CPMs. 

Retargeting and Measurement

                  "Consumers exposed to an out-of-home ad are 48% more likely to react to a similar ad on their phone later." Ocean Neuroscience, 2018

We want to ensure that we do our best to deliver results and a positive ROI. And while we can’t click users through from our screens to your shopping cart we do offer a retargeting element to ensure your brand continues to reach the skier audience once they leave the resort and return to their phone, tablets, and desktops throughout the week.

Alpine Media continues to work with GeoPath, the leader in OOH and DOOH measurement, to work on the impression audit of their place based platform.  Alpine Media recognizes that it is important to have trusted measurement as the DOOH medium continues to evolve.

A new partner for the 2020/21 ski season, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), took advantage of the ski resort audience that was exploring the backcountry at a greater extent during the pandemic.  Their campaign focused around the sale of their Ski-Doo product surrounding the holidays and was extremely successful.  Alpine Media was able to over deliver on impressions on mountain (184%) plus their retargeting aspect beat Alpine Media benchmarks with 3,179 ad interactions and 298 website visits!  BRP was very happy with the campaign and looks to renew next season.

Broad Category appeal 

Alpine Media is not just for the North Face and Go Pro brands. In fact, the average skier family is in need of everyday products and services such as tires for their SUV, health services, food and beverage options, insurance and financial services. They watch Disney plus, order with Grub hub and other food delivery services, buy vehicles and are in need of home supplies and repairs. 

Our Alpine Media sales team continues to renew and add new advertising partners each year ranging from tires to education, health services to craft beer. Hear what some of our loyal ad partners have to say.

For interest in advertising with Alpine Media, contact our Director of Sales Nick Haggard at NHaggard@alpinemedia.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

What is the Alpine Media Platform and why would I need this at my resort/park?
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The Alpine Media Platform is a simple to use yet comprehensive guest engagement (and staff communication) platform that helps ski resorts, theme parks, amusement parks, water parks, museums, aquariums, and other attractions build, launch, simplify, measure, and maximize their guest engagement strategy.

The Alpine Media Platform is a leading resort software and app solution with a range of tools, including event planning, real-time operations reporting (e.g. lift & trail status or attraction status), base area maps with POI details, F&B menus, live vehicle/shuttle tracking, emergency alerts, notifications, and much more. The Alpine Media Platform consists of a custom mobile app specific to your resort (Android and iOS), digital signage (ranging from a 10in ticket window display to an LED 'jumbotron' of any size) and an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system (CMS) to control all your content.

We already have a mobile-responsive website, why would I need this?
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Mobile responsive websites are awesome and every organization should start there, but what happens when you need to get an urgent message out to all of your on-site guests? Is all the content on your website accessible when guests do not have an active internet connect? Do you have full control over the content on your website or do you have to rely on your web developer?

Moreover, we all know that every guest is different and how they decide to interact with your organization/brand varies widely. The Alpine Media Platform automatically 'pulls in' existing information about your resort and distributes it to additional channels (digital signage, mobile app, and text [coming soon]) for guests to consume wherever and whenever they want. In addition, our APIs make is simple for your team to 'pull' information from the Alpine Media Command Center CMS and show it on your website. You decide if you want to manage content through your website or through the Alpine Media CMS.

Synchronizing all of your resort information across the various channels should not require duplicate entry; it shouldn't require someone running all over the place updating USB thumb drives; and it definitely shouldn't require waiting in the IT queue for content change requests.

How long will it take you to get my resort set up?
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We make every effort to get your resort activated within 2 weeks.  Most of the time, we'll have your digital signage solution up and running within 72 hours from receiving all the necessary resort information including contact information, design guidelines, logo, existing data feeds, and admin users.  As soon as we activate your resort, you will have the ability to add and control all of your content and more.  From there, it's up to you how quickly you want to roll it out to various locations. In fact, many of your resort partners start with general information displays across their resort and then continue to customize and add additional locations (e.g. F&B menus, ticket pricing & availability, in-room media for on-site lodging locations).

How much does the platform cost?
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We offer four different plans, Green (digital signage only), Blue (digital signage + custom mobile app), Black (digital signage + custom mobile app + shuttle tracking and point of sale integration), and Double-Black (full customization of the platform). Plans start as low as $500/mo depending on the scope. The best part about the pricing of our software solutions is that there are no limits on the number of users and virtually all of the new features we develop are added to your plan at no additional cost. We hate getting "nickel and dimed" and we promise not to do it to you.

Schedule a demo to see the complete platform and get a customized proposal.